This small utility is started as as service and uses the internal speaker to dial any phone number selected in any text window.

A new menu entry „Dial using DTMF tones and speaker“ is added to the services menu, when text is selected. Alternatively, the keyboard shortcut „⇧⌘=“ may be used.

When the text contains a telephone number, this number is transformed into a valid number for the actual location as defined in the corresponding preference pane. When an internal or public switch operates with DTMF, holding the receiver to the speaker will dial the selected phone number.

Examples for phone numbers and their localization:

+49 451 8993444  will be dialed as   8993444         (country code and area code match the location)

+49 [0]511 5352-0 will be dialed as  051153520      (only the country code matches the location)

+46 (0)531 26100  will be dialed as 004653126100 (neither country code nor area code match)

0451/8993444        will be dialed as  8993444          (area code matches the location)

A Preference Page is added to the System Preferences:

Critical is the correct selection of the volume setting in cooperation with the system volume. Some experiments with the selected telephone will be required, to ensure reliable operation.

Checking the Checkbox „Confirm Number“ will show the localized number to the user and ask for his confirmation before dialing.

To uninstall the service, remove the file „DTMFdialer.service“  from /System/Library/Services and the file „DTMFdialPref.prefPane“  from /System/Library/PreferencePanes.