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Creating Diagrams is simple, intuitive and fast:

  1. State boxes are generated by doubleclicking the Back-ground or by using shortkeys; names can be edited in place.

  2. Transitions are created by dragging lines from source state to target state.

  3. Triggers and events are defined in lists in a palette panel. Assignment to transitions and states is done by drag & drop. Names can be edited centrally in the palette panel.

  4. Transition arrows can be reshaped by direct mouse manipulation

Consistency of the diagram is checked in real-time and indicated by the actual symbol of the button opening an error message panel. On the panel, detailed error messages are updated actively. Selecting an error message will locate the offending item in the diagram; the list will expose hints for a fix, when the mouse rests on a message.

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State Diagram Editor forMAC

Build Diagrams fast and efficiently using Drag & Drop