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State Diagram Editor forMAC

Defining complex Models by using FSMs in a Responder Chain

State Charts are an extension of State Machines introducing parallel execution of FSMs, hierarchies (states can have substates) and additional memory capabilities (a state chart can remember a history of its substates). This extends the capabilities of state machines significantly, but for a price; the simplicity and the close relation to formal grammars is lost. But the central concern for the use in user interfaces is, that the hierarchies introduced in State Charts build up a parallel structure to the hierarchies introduced by the structure of the human interface (and most non-trivial HIs incorporate such hierarchies). The task of keeping these hierarchies consistent is not trivial and collides with the idea of configurable components, since there is a tight coupling between the State Chart and the HI.
Therefore this tool does not make use of the extended definition of State Charts. Instead, "flat" FSMs are inserted in a (depending on the used framework) already existing responder chain. This makes it possible, to use FSMs as independent components with a minimum of coupling.
The tool allows simple testing of those components. The extended execution panel allows the user to arrange the diagrams in a responder chain.
The connection of triggers and events is achieved by identical naming, therefor in this mode, events and triggers can be dragged among the lists of the palette panels.

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