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State Diagram Editor forMAC

Template-based Language-independent Code Generation

The quality of the generated target code is crucial for the acceptance of model based development. The heterogenous requirements in different environments make it difficult, to offer an one fits for all solution.
This tool offers a different approach: Code generation is controlled by templates combining invariant code with a meta language granting access to the different aspects of the underlying model.
The user may adapt basic templates to the specific needs of the target environment. While creating a new template for a different programming paradigm is a fairly complex task, adopting an existing template to a different dialect of the target language or to coorporate coding standards is straightforward.
A template for generation of switch-based C-code is part of the basic license, other templates can be bought separately or can even be developed according to customer specification.
Alternatively, the user may develop his own templates from scratch using the integrated editor.

The generated code can be modified by the user using the standard FileMerge utility. By using the unmodifed code of the previous model as a common ancestor comparing direct code modifications by the user with code changes resulting from model changes, all changes can be merged with minimum user interaction.

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