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I can offer experience in the following fields:

Object Oriented Analysis - Object Oriented Design

I have been developing large systems in Smalltalk, back in 1987. In the nineties I have been using Java and C++ as well as UML for OOA. In the last years, I have been working with Objective-C and Cocoa.

Requirements Engineering

Working mainly in the field of embedded systems for medical devices, requirements engineering has become an essential part of my work experience. I am familiar with DOORS and have years of experience with test design and test management.

Design and Implementation of User Interfaces

I can offer experience in UI design with a long record of devices in the field as well as experience in the design of tools for UI design providing rapid prototyping and production quality code generation.

Design and Implementation of Safety Critical Systems

Writing software for life-supporting medical devices is a demanding task. I have designed and implemented user interfaces controlling anesthesia workstations, patient monitors and IC ventilators.