Week Numbers

A simple Utility that adds week numbers to iCal calendars. US numbering scheme and ISO 8601 supported

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Why Week Numbers?

iCal is a very convenient calendar. Unfortunately prior to Mountain Lion it lacked week numbering (Whn you are using, ML or newer, you don't need Week Numbers).

Week Numbers is a small utility with the only purpose, to add week numbers to iCal calendars as all-day events.

The numbering can be added (and removed again) from any of your calendars.

The numbering scheme adapts to the local settings supporting ISO 8601 (european scheme, week beginning on monday) as well as US numbering (week beginning on sunday, partial weeks at the beginning and end of the year).

The first day of the week is set in the iCal settings. WeekNumbers reads that setting from the preferences file (~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iCal.plist, "first day of week" set to 1 for monday). When this entry is missing from iCal's plist, WeekNumbers will not show the correct first day of week. Changing the setting in the iCal preference panel forth and back will solve the problem.

Free Download here!